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Canadian Snow Birds Flock to Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals

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When Canadian Anne Murray sang her hit song “Snowbirds,” she wasn’t singing about Canadian Geese. She was singing to the thousands of snow-bound Canadians called ‘snowbirds’ who make the yearly pilgrimage from wintery Canada and the Pacific Northwest to warmer climes in places like Southern California. There, snowbirds nest for the winter months, basking in the warm southern California sunshine, in quaint resort gem cities like Santa Barbara. Nestled between the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific, Santa Barbara is a premier resort destination.

Snowbirds who come here to what some call “The American Riviera” have a secret: Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals have it all. Those who’ve discovered Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals shun the barren Arizona deserts and even the ritzy Palm Springs oasis for this coastal beauty. Why? They know only too well what Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals can offer them in the way of amenities and comfort and entertainment. Snowbirds who flock to the coastal town of Santa Barbara are not content to curl up with a good book for the winter under some Saguaro cactus or be satisfied with designer shopping sprees that require SPF 70 and a large checkbook. They are too active and full of life for that. They want more and that’s exactly what Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals have to offer.

Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals cover a wide area of urban Santa Barbara. There are private homes and condo units on the coast, directly on the beach, inland near tourist attractions and everything in-between. For snowbirds who migrate here, camping is not an option. They are not interested in roughing it for the entire winter or sharing public facilities with their neighbors. They don’t own RV’s because they don’t want the hassle of storing an unwieldy RV for most of the year. They are used to comfort and they crave it for the long winter they’re away from home.

David and Leslie Benscott, retired attorneys from British Columbia, used to camp with their children. But they’re empty nesters now, and when they get away for the winter, they’re not interested in foregoing amenities. They have been renting Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara for the past seven years. “Besides,” says Leslie, “we both love to cook and we’re spoiled enough to admit we want a nice kitchen to do it in. Our condo has a fabulous chef-style kitchen with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. At least once a week, we’ll cook up a gourmet meal in our Vacation Rental in Santa Barbara and meet friends on the beach for a picnic. You simply can’t do that in January in British Columbia.”

The Benscott’s vacation rental in Santa Barbara is fully furnished with all the amenities. Often, owners of vacation rentals will equip a condo or house with things like beach equipment, games, movies and a stocked kitchen. There are no taxes or tips involved in vacation rentals as there would be in a hotel, so in the long run, Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals work out cheaper for them than a long term hotel stay would, especially when you don’t have to dine out every meal. The Benscotts have made it a quest to catch up on all the sights in Santa Barbara as well, each season adding a few new discoveries to their treasure chest. This year, their grandchildren visited and they all took in the Railroad Museum and the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was a memory all of them will hold onto for a lifetime. Luckily, there was plenty of room for everyone to stay at their vacation rental with its three roomy bedrooms and beachfront courtyard. The grand-kids could walk to the beach every morning with the Benscotts. They have the shell collections to prove it.

With over a hundred wineries in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area, cultural events like theatre, beach-front Arts and Crafts fairs, even Santa Barbara’s own International Film Festival, there is something for everyone here. Snowbirds know that if you like outdoor activities with flair, then Santa Barbara is the place for you.

Snowbirds Ken and Marie Linter, a retired surgeon and his wife, come here from Alberta, Canada every winter, drawn by the warm temperatures and the great properties they find with Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals. They’ve rented the same condo now for four seasons. Ken and Marie are avid bikers and kayakers and love the opportunities Santa Barbara provides for them to stay fit over the winter months. “The only exercise I get in Alberta is shoveling snow,” says Ken, who gave up skiing several years ago. “And frankly, I’m over it. Now Marie and I can bike all around the city on the bikes our Santa Barbara vacation rental provides for us at no extra cost. We go home in better shape than when we came.”

It’s just the two of them now and they love the one bedroom condo they found from Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals. Not only do they have in-house housekeeping services, there is a concierge service attached to their vacation rental. When it comes time to decide which fabulous restaurant to choose, the concierge is there to help. “Last week,” Marie says, “the concierge steered us to a five star restaurant tucked into a private little beach cove. It was probably the most romantic dinner Ken and I had ever had. Well worth the trip from Alberta.”


Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 1st, 2010 at 10:04 pm

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Your Most Fasinating Mexico Travel

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Just like traveling to other countries and cities, one needs enough information to be able to maximize the experience of staying in Mexico.

Here are some tips to help one prepare for an exciting trip to one of the culturally-rich countries, Mexico.

1. Learn the language.

Spanish is the main language spoken in Mexico. Although some residents can communicate in and understand English, Spanish is still the language spoken in commerce. Spanish is easy to learn and once one has been familiarized with sentence construction, he or she can go far just using an English/Spanish dictionary.

2. Make sure you have an ID with a photo (such as a passport or a driver’s license), your tourist card (which is proof of your permission to visit Mexico) and your proof of citizenship.

These are the documents that need to be presented before entering Mexico.

3. Take note of the following items as these are allowed to be brought to Mexico:

Personal clothing, footwear and toiletries in practical quantities Magazines and books Personal medicines and prescriptions Used sporting equipment One portable TV and VCR and one typewriter Cassette and records, not exceeding 20 Musical instrument A set of skiing equipment, fishing equipment and tennis rackets Alcohol-containing beverage, not exceeding three liters, and 50 cigars or 400 cigarettes, if tourist is over eighteen years old One still camera and movie camera, with not more than twelve rolls of film

4. Before entering Mexico, there are two forms to be filled out. It is better to prepare a black pen for these. These are usually distributed at the airline ticket counter or while on the plane. The first one is the temporary visa. The second form is for the Customs and Taxation called Hacienda.

5. Although there are businesses that accept foreign currency, make sure that you still have some of your dollars exchanged for the Mexican peso. Credit cards, particularly, those with MasterCard, Visa and AmEx logo are also accepted. Bringing traveler’s checks are also preferred.

6. Drink bottled water or sufficiently boiled water. Never drink tap water even if the place in which you are staying claim to have a water purifying system. Before eating fruits and vegetable, wash these in a purifying solution, peel them and cook them.

7. In a location different from that of the originals, store photocopies of tickets and a list of traveler’s checks.

With this information, your trip to Mexico will be a safe and enjoyable one.

James Yee

Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

September 22nd, 2010 at 1:57 am

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Cruiser Skiing Tip #7 – Lollygagging

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One major difference between a beginner and intermediate skier in a video lesson from Slopestyle TV: A skiing and snowboarding mountain lifestyle series featuring everyday riders, up and coming athletes and tips from instructors.

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