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The Essentials of Hydration on the Slopes and the Camel Pack

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Hydration While Snowboarding and SkiingIf you were heading out for a backpacking trip in the middle of summer, you would naturally worry about hydration. When heading out to the slopes for a ski trip, you have to pay just as much attention to hydration. The following tips will ensure your trip is fund and eventful without a case of dehydration.

Pre-Slope Hydration

Skiing is hard work! Even though you are surrounded by icy cold snow, your body is warmly dressed in layers and will naturally sweat during the action. This means you are at just as much risk of dehydration as you would be on that backpacking trip in summer. In order to prevent dehydration, you have to start drinking water before you hit the slopes and before you actually feel thirsty.

Bring at least a couple quarts of water with you on the slopes and take a drink off and on throughout the excitement. Stay away from coke and juice, since they tend to make you feel even more thirsty, rather than relieving your thirst.

Fill Your Pack

Are you wondering how you will haul quarts of water along on your skis? It all comes down to your backpack. A couple quart-sized containers is adequate for an afternoon out on the slopes, given you will take up to three drinks every hour. You should also store a change of clothing and other items just in case they are needed. If you worry about the weight of the water, consider a camel pack.

The Camel Pack

Camel PackA camel pack is a vest with a tube designed to work much like a straw. Water is stored inside the vest around your body and it clips shut in the front of your body. When you need water, you simply use the small tube coming from the pack. These packs can hold up to three quarts of water, but the weight is easier to handle when distributed around your body.

The tubes from a camel pack can freeze up on very cold days, so make sure to tuck them down into your jacket. More advanced packs will include technology to stop the tubes from freezing.

Camel packs do require a financial investment, but if you use them when performing other sports as well, they are more than worth the money. You will also save some money by not purchasing a lot of bottled water while out on the slopes.

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Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 21st, 2011 at 4:45 pm

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