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Snowboard Maintenance – How to Maintain Your Snowboard

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When you rent snowboarding gear, you don’t have to think about keeping it in good condition. You simply take it off and hand it back over the counter. Once you purchase your own gear, everything changes. If you don’t properly perform snowboard maintenance, it won’t last very long and your performance will be affected negatively.  It is too expensive to keep buying new gear every season, so it makes sense to just maintain every piece so it lasts as many seasons as possible.

Snowboard Maintenance KitCleaning Your Board

The most basic care required for a snowboard is cleaning. You should make it a habit to clean the board immediately after taking it out for some fun. You may decide to leave it at times if you will be heading right back out on it the next day, but if it is going to be stored for any length of time you have to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Anytime you go more than a couple weeks without boarding, the board should get a complete scrub down.

You can use any cleanser that you have around the house, as long as it doesn’t contain corrosive chemicals. Cleansers based on citrus are most often sold through snowboarding shops, since the citrus removes wax residue as well as dirt and other debris. When cleansed thoroughly with a good citrus cleanser, your board will be ready for a fresh coat of wax when the next season comes around.

Making Repairs

Putting your board in storage clean is essential, but it is also a good idea to put it away in as good of condition as possible. This means checking for any small problems that may have been created over a season of intense boarding. File the edges or surfaces if they are dull or burred. Look over the base to make sure it is in good condition, using a p-tex candle and other basic repair kit supplies as needed. 

With a good repair kit and a bit of knowledge about snowboards, you can fix many small problems that come from wearing the board down over the season. More substantial problems can be fixed through a local repair and supply shop.

Waxing the Board

You will need high quality wax, an iron, and a scraper to wax your board. You can use the iron already in your home, or purchase one designed just for waxing snowboards. Most people find regular household irons to be perfectly acceptable, but those designed for snowboards do work better.

The process is simple. Use the iron to apply a generous but even coating of wax along the base and edges of the board. When you are done, use the scraper to remove any excess or misplaced wax.

Many people just take their boards into a pro shop for a wax. It typically costs around twenty bucks and can be done rather quickly thanks to their advanced tools and machinery.

The least you should do is keep your snowboard clean, but keeping up with these other snowboard maintenance duties will ensure it lasts many years. It costs less to upkeep a board than it does to purchase new ones all the time.

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October 18th, 2011 at 11:06 am

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