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What equipment do I need for snowboarding( gear and clothes) and what the the prices?

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fabiola asked:

Im joining snowboarding club in my school where we go to mountain creek and Ive never snowboarded before so I have no idea what to get.
Can you list what I need? And about how much I`ll need to but all of it.

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Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

November 17th, 2008 at 1:47 pm

6 Responses to 'What equipment do I need for snowboarding( gear and clothes) and what the the prices?'

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  1. First, the stuff you can’t rent…

    1.) Pants – make sure they are WATERPROOF…if you’ve never been, you will be on your knees & butt A LOT!! For a beginner, look for a pair around $40 – $80.

    2.) Goggles – look for a pair with good venting and an anti-fog treatment. Foggy goggles suck. I wouldn’t pay less that about $50 – $60. Oakleys (I like the Oakley Crowbars) are more expensive, but are worth it in my opinion.

    3.) Jacket – again, should be waterproof. The price varies, but a good one should cost about $80 – $120.

    4.) Gloves – should be waterproof. A decent pair will run you about $30 – $50.

    You will also need a board, bindings, boots and helmet (recommended), but you can rent all of those things at the hill. If you prefer to buy though…

    1.) Board – a new beginners board will run you $150 – $300

    2.) Boots – probably the most important part of your set-up. Uncomfortable boots will ruin your day. Buy them a little tight, they will pack out. A decent pair will run you $90 – $120.

    3.) Bindings – lots of options…just make sure your boots have a nice fit in them. A decent set will cost $100 – $130.

    4.) Helmet – not necessary, but it will give you more confidence as you learn. $30 – $60

    Those are the basic items you’ll need. It can get pretty expensive if you buy everything at once. I’d recommend you rent your first season and buy new gear in the off-season (best deals and selection from about April – August) You can save a lot of money if you buy last season’s gear in the off-season, usually about %50 off. Some websites still have some good stuff available from last season: ; and are good sites to check and both have free shipping.

    NOTE: I didn’t mention many brands because that really comes down to personal preference. Burton, K2, Capita, Salomon and Rome are good for your board, boots, bindings and clothing. Oakley, Smith and Anon (Burton) are good for your goggles. R.E.D. (Burton) and Giro make decent helmets.


    19 Nov 08 at 4:44 pm

  2. There are two things that you really need to learn snowboarding – good snowboard pants (look at Burton, 686 – Columbia at the minimum) and really good “high gauntlet” gloves (look at North Face, Burton, etc). These will cost you at least $100 each.

    For other gear, you can wear street clothes as long as they are NOT cotton – cotton will get wet and you will be miserable. Wear fleece and poly underwear and layer so that you can take stuff off when you get warm.

    Every thing else can be rented (usually as part of a first timer package) when you get to the resort – just call ahead and check.

    Good Luck


    22 Nov 08 at 3:17 pm

  3. When looking at pants and jackets, look at the specs. There will be a mm rating for waterproof and breathability. The higher the number, the better. When I buy gear, I won’t go any less then 10,000mm for each. Also, fully taped seams are a huge plus.


    25 Nov 08 at 9:32 pm

  4. Top – You need a good coat. Waterproof!!! Try and sporting good store, like Big 5. If no luck there try a department store (Sear’s, Macy’s, etc.) A good one is between $40 & $100. Underneath a jacket, tshirt, and underarmor (long sleeve shirt) if it’s really cold.

    Bottoms – Waterproof! snowpants, if your just starting chances are you are going to fall a ton! Your but will get wet. You can get them at Big 5 too. That would be the best place. Underneath snowpants you probably want some sweats. Pricing for snowpants is between $50 & $100. Depending on where you live price can be higher or lower.

    Waterproof gloves$10-15, knit gloves underneath those$5, hand warmers $2 lol, goggles(or some thinck sunglasses) I sorta forgot their price, one thick pair of socks, one thin pair, maybe 2 thick pairs depends on how cold.

    Most of this you should be able to get at a Big 5 store or a sporting goods store.

    ? Sarah

    26 Nov 08 at 8:39 pm

  5. I really like Grimey’s answer but I have some additional info to add. Check out local stores for pre-season tent sales. These are a great place to get used equipment on the cheap! Rental costs add up fast and if you are in a club that will be a weekly expense. Plus learning to ride is hard enough, rentals don’t always have sharp edges(that makes control tough) When you have your own stuff, you will know when it was last tuned up, and you get the feel for the same board every time.

    Go to walmart and get the knee, elbow and wrist guards for rollerbladers(about $20) Trust me on this!!! Wear them under your snow cloths and noone will know but you(so you don’t feel like a dork!)
    Falling on you wrists and knees repeatedly will quickly take the fun out of learning. A butt pad would not be a bad idea either.

    Walt B

    29 Nov 08 at 7:49 pm

  6. if your joining a club and you’ve never gone before, buy padding so you wont die. Get knee pads and wrist guards and try to find something for your butt. Your butt hurts for a week after the first time. SERIOUSLY stuff a pillow in your pants or something. DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO PROTECT YOUR BUTT!!!!

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