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Selecting Snowboarding Boots for Maximum Performance

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Snowboarding BootsIf you select the wrong snowboarding boots, you set yourself up for a hard time on the snowy slopes before you even step foot on the board. Your body is directly connected to the board through your boots. It doesn’t matter how much natural talent you may have. If the boots are not a proper fit to your feet and do not comfortably connect to your board, then you will be more prone to mistakes and accidents. Before you even think about technique and tricks, you have to give serious thought to your boot selection.

There is a lot that you must think about when purchasing snowboarding boots. This is a big decision, but when you are whizzing down the slopes with a secure connection to the board and complete confidence, all the work will be worth it. By the end of this article, you will know everything there is to know about selecting the perfect snowboarding boots for your feet.

Your Feet are Individuals

Don’t worry about the boots your friends are buying or the hot boots seen all over the trails. Your feet are not like anyone else’s, so they should not be treated like anyone else’s. The truth is, some of the best looking boots are incredibly hard on the feet and can be so heavy they are uncomfortable when in action. The ultimate goal is to find boots that are comfortable on your feet, so forget about what everyone else is suggesting or wearing.

Give Yourself Time

Since comfort is so important to your performance on the trails, you have to give the boot shopping process some time. If you don’t find something that feels perfectly suited to your feet right from the start, then you need time to keep shopping around. This means you should start shopping as soon as you know you need new boots. This is even more important if you are purchasing your very first pair of boots.

Never purchase a pair of snowboarding boots without trying them on. In fact, you should consider trying them on wearing the socks you will be wearing when you go out snowboarding. If you can walk around in the boots for a little while in perfect comfort, then they may be the right ones for you. Make sure to compare different sizes to get the perfect fit.

Step-Ins or Straps?

There are different types of snowboarding boots.  The classical snowboarding boots have straps that hold your foot down to the board, but many people prefer the step-in boots that have a more innovative method of connecting to the board.

If the Boot Fits                  

The fit of your boots is the most important factor. When you purchase shoes for everyday wear you probably don’t think about making them last for years, but you want your snowboarding boots to last for years. That won’t happen if you don’t find a pair of boots that fit perfectly.

Bigger is Not Better

Many amateurs make the mistake of purchasing boots that are too large, simply because they want to make sure there is enough space for their feet. This is understandable, given the tough and inflexible nature of snowboarding boots. Unfortunately, this can cause serious injuries, so make sure you get boots that fit without a lot of extra room.

Maximum performance in snowboarding starts with your selection in snowboarding boots. Everything from your comfort while snowboarding to your level of control over the board will be determined by this one purchase. Take it seriously and give it some time.


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Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 16th, 2011 at 6:12 am

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