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Selecting a Used Snowboard of Quality and Value

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Not everyone wants to invest in a brand new, high priced snowboard when they first get started in the sport. Sometimes, you just want something affordable so you can get out there and see what it is all about. This is why so many people purchase a used snowboard, only to find that they aren’t very high quality and need to be replaced very quickly.

Used SnowboardYou can find high quality used snowboards, but you have to get lucky and find something that hasn’t been used up by the first owner. It has to be the right type of board for you and it has to be in good enough condition that you still get a good bit of use before it needs replaced. If you aren’t purchasing from someone you know very well, then you should look the board up online and closely inspect the condition before putting your money down.

The first step is to think about what type of used snowboard you need. You will need a different board if you will be using it for all-mountain boarding than you will need for high speed mountain boarding with all the tricks. If you are beginner, you will choose a different board than someone with years of experience. The person selling your board should be able to tell you what type of board it is and who it is suitable for, especially if you don’t tell them your skill level or needs before asking. Let them tell you the truth without lying to make the sale.

Most women will want smaller boards that are lighter, while most men will want something wider to accommodate their bigger feet. Some women will go for a wider board as well, if she is larger or taller than most other women. There has to be enough room for the feet to comfortably fit on top without hitting the snow.

If you find a suitable used snowboard, check the condition. There should be no splitting on the sidewall or sandwich layers. If it doesn’t have a sidewall, it should have a cap construction which is actually more flexible and stronger. Check out the inserts and the edge which touches the snow. The shorter the edge touching the snow, the shaper your movements will be in action. The longer the edge touching the snow, the more stable you will feel when picking up speed.

The sheet cover on top of the used snowboard should be free of cracks and other serious flaws. Light scratches are just aesthetic, but anything more should be seen as a sign of the board being worn out already. Any part of the board that is damaged beyond the surface should be a sign to stay away. Look the bindings over and you will see if there is any damage.

When you place the board on a level surface, it should feel a bit springy. If it doesn’t have this spring, then it has lost its flex.

While you can find some great deals on used snowboards and snowboarding apparel online, you can’t inspect it for quality. If you go into your local snowboarding stores and supply or rental shops, they should have used snowboards that you can actually touch and inspect. You might have to ask, as the used stuff is sometimes placed behind the counter or in the back.

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Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 17th, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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