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Snowboarding Europe on Any Budget

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Snowboarding Europe Alps ItalyWhat do you do when the temperatures plummet, the snow starts to fall, and you can no longer walk out the front door in flip flops? Many people take vacations or head to vacation homes in locations where flip flops are still appropriate, but others jump for joy and drag out the snowboards. These are the people who love the joys that come with the cold winter season. These are people who will gladly trade their flip flops in for their snowboarding boots, jackets, and goggles.

If you are one of these winter-loving thrill seekers, there is no better place to hit the trails than Europe. No matter what your budget may be, there are destinations just perfect for you. To get your trip planning started, here are just five of the best European snowboarding destinations.

1. Switzerland

From the stunning views of the Alps to the amazing runs and top notch accommodations for visitors, you cannot find a better place to snowboard than Switzerland. The resorts offer packages that can work with any budget, so you don’t have to go broke to put your board on the snow. The tourist offices are nicely designed and staffed, and transportation is never a problem. Top it all off with super friendly people and you see why so many flock to Switzerland to hit the trails every year.

2. Austria

Slip into a world where the modern mingles with the traditional and small chalet villages welcome visitors with open arms. You can reach the daring slopes of the Alps, and there are destinations for low budget as well as high budget snowboarding adventures.   Daytime snowboarding is always full of adventure, but there is nothing like the Alps after dark.

3. Spain

Every year, snowboarders head to northern Spain to hit the trails of the Pyrenees. Besides the challenging and fun trails open to snowboarders, visitors get to immerse themselves in the dynamic culture of Spain for a complete vacation. There are many hotel rooms to be found at affordable prices, so low budget snowboarding is always an option.

4. France

It wasn’t until the 1992 Olympic Games that most people realized France is a great place to hit the slopes. There are some excellent resorts, such as Megeve and Chamonix, where the slopes are perfect for the thrill of snowboarding. What is amazing about these resorts is that you step out the front door directly onto the slopes. No travel required, so you can get in more hours on the trails.

5. Italy

High altitude snowboarders with a true desire to feel their blood pump are now turning to Italy. This hasn’t always been a hot spot for boarders, but the amazing mountains with high altitudes have turned that around. For those with an adventurous spirit and enough skill, this is an excellent snowboarding destination.

Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 17th, 2011 at 2:12 pm