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Oakley Snowboarding Goggles Reviewed: A-Frame Polarized and High Intensity Lenses

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You’re zipping down the slopes on your favorite snowboard on a sunny day, enjoying the warm up after days of bitter cold. ThisOakley Snowboarding Goggles Polarized sounds peaceful and fun, until you note that there is a lot of glare hitting your eyes from the slick ice under your feet. This causes wipeouts all around you, but there is one thing you can do to make sure you aren’t going down right with them: slip on your Oakley A-frame snowboard goggles. They are polarized to take away reflection from the ice and snow.

Users appreciate the optical clarity and wide peripheral view that comes with A-frame goggles from Oakley, but they also appreciate the advanced features that block long and short range light efficiently. Whether it is something meteor or solar, these Oakley snowboarding goggles have it covered.

Oakley Snowboarding Goggles High IntensityIf you don’t like the polarized A-frame Oakley goggles, you can always go for the A-frame high intensity goggles. These fit nicely on the face due to three layers of foam insulation, but they are mainly appreciated for their efficiency when the weather goes downhill. They are designed with a urethane chassis that is incredibly flexible and which allow proper ventilation so the goggles do not fog up.

Low light conditions can be a bit of a problem with many A-frame goggles, but that is not the case with the high density goggles from Oakley. While clarity can also be a problem, it is crystal clear with these Oakley snowboarding goggles.

You need both clarity and contrast when snowboarding and you get both to a high degree with either of these Oakley snowboarding goggles.

Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 16th, 2011 at 6:50 am