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How to Rent Snowboard Equipment – Get More For Your Money!

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Rent Snowboard EquipmentThe dates for your snowboard trip are all set. You have friends or family on board for the adventure and your place is reserved at the resort or lodge. All you have to worry about now is making sure you have all the equipment needed to hit the slopes. There are some advantages when you rent snowboard equipment, rather than outright buying it.

The biggest advantage is being able to try out specific equipment before putting your money on the line. If you do not like something, you are not stuck with it. If you do like something, you can purchase it.

Renting snowboard equipment is also very convenient if you are on a tight budget for this trip or you are suiting up children who will quickly outgrow the equipment. If you are traveling by airplane, you may choose to rent so you do not have to haul heavy, bulky equipment through the airport and onto the plane. If you are driving and there is limited room in the vehicle, then renting will once again be the best option.

Snowboard Equipment Reservations

There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at your snowboard destination and realizing they do not have equipment in your size readily on hand. This often happens to those who do not think to reserve their equipment ahead of time.  It is more common during peak season, but can happen anytime for snowboarding. Many gear shops simply do not have enough snowboarding equipment to keep up with the growing demand.

Where to Rent Snowboard Equipment

Depending on where you are snowboarding, you will rent snowboard equipment from a rental shop at the facility or from shops in nearby communities. Some resorts are isolated from towns and communities, so you have no option but to rent from the resort. Other resorts are located near active communities with a variety of shops to rent from nearby.  The advantage to renting on-site is you won’t have to go far to return the equipment, but the best prices are typically found at community-based rental shops.   

How to Rent Snowboard Equipment

Try to rent your equipment the day before you plan to hit the slopes. This ensures you have plenty of time to find equipment perfectly fitted to your body. If you want to hit the slopes the same day you arrive, give yourself at least an hour to find the right gear and get suited up properly. This should give you time to find alternative rental shops if the first option doesn’t have what you need.

You will need four pieces of information for everyone renting snowboard equipment:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shoe Size
  • Skill Level

You may lie about weight on your driver’s license, but lying in the rental shop could put your life in danger. The equipment you rent will depend largely on your weight, so be honest. If you have large feet, call ahead of time to make sure the rental shops available have larger sized boots. If they do not carry your size, then you will have to go online and order larger boots for yourself.  If you ask the shop what type of equipment they use, you should be able to buy boots that comfortably fit their equipment. Otherwise, you will end up purchasing all of your equipment.

When given the option of purchasing insurance on your rented equipment, always say yes. It is an extra expense, but in the event something happens to your equipment you will not be financially responsible.  In most cases, this insurance will only add five dollars or less to your rental cost. If something breaks you could spend hundreds of dollars making it right, so it is well worth that extra few bucks for insurance.

Snow is soft and easy to move through, but remember what is underneath that soft snow. You have hard ice, rocks, branches and other things that can damage snowboarding equipment.  When moving over a thin layer of snow, you do have a chance of hitting these things and causing damage.

Now that you know what you need to do to rent snowboard equipment, it is time to enjoy your trip to the slopes!

Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 22nd, 2011 at 10:21 am