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How to Select the Perfect Snowboard

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Choosing the Perfect SnowboardThe snowboard market used to be fairly simple and easy to maneuver. There were the top brands with the top boards, then a few others struggling to keep up. Today, things are very different. The most expensive brands don’t always have the best boards and the lesser known brand names can always be the upcoming big names. The market is a lot more difficult to maneuver.

Since the sport of snowboarding has advanced, there are also more types of snowboards today, including:

  • Park Boards
  • Freeride Boards
  • Freestyle Boards
  • Rail Boards
  • All-Mountain Boards
  • Powder Boards

When looking for the perfect snowboard, you will analyze its height, width, and shape. This will be measured against your weight, height, foot size, and your snowboarding style to determine which board is perfect for you. In order to make the right decision, there are a few questions to ask yourself when considering a board.

1.  How skilled are you at snowboarding right now?

Here are some of the optional answers for this question:

*Beginner: first time rider, just starting out with little experience, or signing up for your first lessons.

* Intermediate: some experience boarding at least three times a year, can catch some air and do some minor tricks, able to turn without wiping out.

* Advanced: snowboarding at least five times a year, extreme comfort on the board, able to do some tricks with comfort.

2.  What is your riding style?

What type of board you need is directly tied to the terrain that you will ride on most often and your chosen style. Not sure of your style? Here is a quick rundown for comparison:

* All-Mountain or Freeride: the entire mountain is your domain. You love it all from carving and catching air to making  elaborate turns in fresh powder. Of course, just gliding over the slopes leisurely is fun as well.

* Freestyle: the tricks are your thing. From jumping, spinning, grabbing and jibbing to hitting the rails, you are all over anything daring. Your ideal board should be very short or very stiff, depending on whether you prefer buttering and jumping to hanging out in the pipe.

* Alpine/Carve: you get off on the speed and deep turns. You hit the mountain hard and nail one turn right after the other. There is no speed too intense for you.

3. What are your measurements?

Take your measurements and keep the following in mind:

* Length: if you are an all-mountain boarder, your board should be a bit longer. It should be shorter if you are a freestyle boarder, so you can get into faster spins and comfortably apply more pressure to the tail.

* Width: the width of your board depends on the size of your feet. Make sure you can move your feet without heels or toes hitting down into the snow on a turn.

* Weight: you may not like your weight, but this is not the time to underestimate it. If you are a bit on the heavy side, your board needs a stiffer flex and should be longer. If you tend to be a lightweight, then a softer flex on a shorter board is ideal. If you are very short, understand that you won’t be able to adequately control a long board.

Are you ready to select your perfect snowboard? There are just three more factors that you need to take into consideration:

1. Selecting a Brand

For the most part, you will get better warranties and more reliable customer support services from the bigger, best known brands. If you don’t know what the top brands are, then ask someone in your sports shop or rental shop.

2. Settling on Price

Your board will cost at least a hundred bucks, but could easily go up to six hundred or more. Look at different price ranges for different brands, but understand that the top priced boards are typically designed for professional riders. A beginner will not need the advanced technology built into these higher tech boards.

3. Choosing Graphics

This is the most fun part of picking out your perfect snowboard. Manufacturers are getting wild with the designs and color schemes, which allows you to display your personality and speak your mind in a unique manner. Have some fun looking at the different designs and find something that fits your personality.

One thing to watch out for is selecting your graphic design before looking at all of the technical features addressed above. You should pick out the right size and style before even looking at design. Functionality and performance has to top style and personality.

Are You Ready to Make a Purchase?

You may feel you are ready to make your first snowboard purchase…but hold off! Don’t do that before renting a board or two first. You can try out a variety of styles and sizes without putting your money on the line if you just rent at first. You can even rent boots, if you aren’t sure about purchasing those as well. You can find rentals at local sporting goods stores or at snowboarding destinations. Make sure to do this at least a day in advance so you are sure to find something that fits you properly.

If you are interested in purchasing a used board, make sure that it still has enough life left to justify the price. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money on a board that doesn’t do well in action. First, look at the rails, which are the metal edges on the board. Make sure the rails do not have cracks and are firmly attached to the board. The top of the board should be checked for cracks, since cracks here tell you that the board has been ridden hard and may be worn out.

Also look at the base of the board to make sure there are no large nicks in the board. Check that the rails are not separating from the board on the underside as well. In some cases, a hole can be fixed, but you may not want to go through that hassle.

Another way of saving some money is to look at new boards that are from last year. A lot of last year markdowns take place during the summer months, since shops are making room for the newer models for the upcoming season.

Finally, ask your local shops about boards that used to be on display in the store. These demo boards are eventually taken down and are often sold at reduced price. You may even be able to purchase older rental boards at bargain prices, but make sure they are still in good condition.

Follow the above guidelines and your on your way to finding the perfect snowboard.

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October 15th, 2011 at 6:09 pm

USC Ski & Snowboard – Mammoth Nov 20-22 HD

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Did a bit of color correction experimentation on this video and reduced saturation a little bit from the norm.

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October 3rd, 2010 at 6:11 am