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Buying Snowboarding Pants? Tips to Make Selection Easier

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Snowboarding PantsYou can’t hang with your snowboarding buds for long if you aren’t equipped with a great pair of snowboarding pants. This goes far beyond looking cool out in the snow. Without a good pair of pants, you won’t remain dry and comfortable enough to snowboard for long periods of time in intense cold.

The best way to ensure your core temperature remains stable and your body does not go into hypothermia is to use a strategy known as the “three layer system.”   The three layers you need to create include:

  • Base Layer
  • Insulation Layer
  • Outer Shell

Since the base layer rests directly on your skin, its main purpose is to ensure moisture does not come in contact with your skin. The insulation layer goes on next and is charged with the duty of trapping in as much body heat as possible. This middle layer will also help keep moisture from reaching the skin. The outer shell is put on last and must be waterproofed and windproofed. It should also have adequate ventilation.

Snowboarding pants will have at least two layers, but some have three layers. They should be waterproofed in some fashion on the outer layer, with a thin outer shell and then a layer of insulation. 

When the weather is moderate, you can get away with just wearing your snowboarding pants. When the temperature takes a drop for the worse, you should create a base layer with your own clothing. This base layer goes beneath your snowboarding pants. When the cold is at its most extreme, you can add another layer between the base layer and your snowboarding pants.

Now onto the important tips on how to actually pick out the right snowboarding pants:

1. The less experience you have snowboarding, the more you need pants designed just for the occasion. What do blue jeans do when they are pushed down against moist snow and ice over and over again? They get wet. They get cold. They leave your skin unprotected. If you want to stay out in the cold and learn to snowboard, you have to start with a good pair of snowboarding pants.

2. You may be able to get away with ski pants when you first start out, but once you start turning some tricks you will want to purchase pants designed just for snowboarding. Ski pants just are not designed with the flexibility needed for tricks. The fit of your snowboarding pants in the crotch is also important, as pants that are too tight in that area will make performing tricks uncomfortable. 

3. Look for pants that are designed with extra padding on the rear end and knees, since those are the areas that will hit the ground the most when you fall. Yes, you are going to fall! Don’t kid yourself by thinking you won’t fall down.

4. The lower priced pants are not going to last very long, so only go for them if you will only be snowboarding one or two days. If they rip right away and you are snowboarding a lot, you will end up purchasing them over and over. It is better to spring for a higher quality pair right from the start.

5. You can purchase pants that are your favorite color or that match your style, but functionality is far more important.

Following the above tips will help make selecting your snowboarding pants a lot easier and ensure that your next snowboarding trip will be much more enjoyable.

Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 16th, 2011 at 8:57 am