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All About Snowboarding Helmets

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Snowboarding HelmetsYou may think fun comes first when you head out on a snowboarding adventure, but safety must always trump fun. If you do not protect yourself from the dangers out on the slopes, the fun can end in an instant. There are serious injuries at ski resorts and terrain parks every year, and there are some deaths from time to time as well. Wearing a proper snowboarding helmet will protect you in case you are next to wipe out in a major way.

When you go into a ski resort and head down the slopes, they have already protected themselves to make sure they are not legally liable if something happens to you. Most will not require you to wear a snowboarding helmet, but you should do so voluntarily to protect your own body.

There are some advanced level trails and terrain parks that are now requiring snowboarding helmets, but beginner trails are typically unaffected by those rules. Many injuries that result in permanent damage or death involve snowboarders with unprotected heads, so it is a good idea to wear one anyway.

There are three common reasons snowboarders do not wear helmets on the trails or in the parks:

1. They enjoy the sense of danger and risk as they race through the biting winds.

2. They feel their motion and ability to maneuver turns and tricks is hampered by the weight of a helmet.

3. They are worried about looking stupid or being laughed at by others on the slopes.

For starters, no one is going to laugh at a helmet on the trails. They are becoming more popular as the dangers of snowboarding circulate. Even more advanced riders are now seen on the slopes in their snowboarding helmets. Safety must always trump fashion.

Snowboarding HelmetIf you are hitting the slopes with children, then it is essential to buy helmets for everyone. You want to set a good example and role model safety from the very first time they step foot on the trails. Even if you are sticking to the bunny trails, it is important that the entire family stay protected from injury.

Snowboarding helmets are designed with extra padding, but you have to make sure it fits securely to your head. If it is too loose, it can fly off while you are snowboarding and become a risk to your safety. You also have to make sure the fit does not interfere with your peripheral vision. You need that vision to sense when you are coming up on others out on the trails.

Written by Snowboard And Ski Guy

October 28th, 2011 at 6:01 pm